Let’s Make a Difference Together
#WPGivesAHand, Will You?

How great is the feeling when you not only get something new but also be a part of those who give back?

The holidays are all about giving!

“WordPress Gives A Hand” Movement

#WPGivesAHand is a WordPress-wide movement that other businesses have joined to help those in need.

If you're making a purchase with these companies, from December 20th to December 26th, 2021 they will donate a percentage of every sale towards charity!

Are you a WordPress company that wants to give?

Want to help?

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WordPress companies who did well for the 2020 Christmas charity #WPGivesAHand

Visual Composer

In 2020 Visual Composer donated to SOS Children's Villages.


In 2020 Amelia donated to Budi Human.


In 2020 NinjaTeam donated to UNICEF.


In 2020 wpDataTables donated to Budi Human.


In 2020 TranslatePress donated to SOS Children Villages.


In 2020 YayCommerce donated to Sapporo IchigokaiRoom to Read.